The Stupidity of the Left

The lame excuse a sitting attorney general gave for meeting privately with the husband of a prime FBI suspect who was himself a possible target of investigation reveals, if we needed more revelation, the mental vacuity and profound ignorance of leftism.  Anyone familiar with the cognitive degradation of Marxism can see the pattern. When the Bolsheviks first came to power, there were some bright, though of course wicked, minds: Lenin, Bukharin, Trotsky.  Soon, however, the Bolsheviks descended into such grotesque mediocrity that even Molotov began to be seen as a clever Bolshevik, and Voroshilov was placed in command of the Red Army. Academia, of course, collapsed first in the Soviet Empire.  Anyone familiar with the last fifty years of that evil empire writes about the utter stultifying stupidity not only of the Communist Party leadership and cadres, but also of university systems, which churned out thousands of scientists who never discovered anything. What...(Read Full Article)