The RNC Convention through Mainstream Media Eyes

I’m one of those rare few who don’t believe in paying for television or radio, so most of my updates on the RNC convention came via network news, public television, public radio and a smattering of Liberal-leaning websites. Since it’s unlikely that most here frequent these “news” sources, I thought that I would share my takeaway from the Left’s point of view this week: Monday – Apparently nobody gave speeches on Monday if you get your news from the Left. Coverage revolved around all the people carrying guns and all the police in and around the convention center. Since the two never clashed, the Leftist media were totally disappointed. They turned to their new darling, one of my favorites – Jonah Goldberg from NRO. They’re only interested in Jonah because he hates Trump with a passion. Actually Trump mentions Goldberg as one of the people who motivated him to jump into the race just to prove him wrong. NPR seems to think that...(Read Full Article)