The Rage of Failure

One of the most dangerous lies of political correctness is the equality of different civilizations.  The rage of Islam is largely rooted in the reality that while Islam destroyed Persian, Byzantine, and Hindu civilizations, it replaced those civilizations with nothing.  The poor backwaters of Europe first halted Islamic imperialism and then produced a flourishing of science, enterprise, art, and government that left the once great lands in Egypt and Iraq and Iran as exporters of only oil and terrorism. So embittered young Moslems murder innocents throughout the West because that is the only argument they can make.  The logical response, adopting the superior values of the Judeo-Christian West, chokes on this incoherent rage.  This explains the irrational hatred of Israel and the persecution of Christian minorities in the region: Israel works, just as Christian Lebanon once worked (when it was Christian), and this is an intolerable affront to militant...(Read Full Article)