Open Season on Cops

The police were ambushed again in Baton Rouge on Sunday, three dead and three seriously wounded. A dozen cops were ambushed in Dallas on 7 July, five of those died. Police nationwide are literally in the crosshairs. Baton Rouge is just the latest killing field. What’s happening here? Cops are often called many things, but for most folks they’re peace officers or lawmen. They are, indeed, the thin blue line between us and the worst among us. Somehow that paradigm has been turned on its head. Punks, thugs, and religious cults are now portrayed as victims whilst cops have become the bad guys. Even the last Super Bowl featured a twerking, faux blond, rap mannequin attacking cops. We might start with culture, the Beltway culture of racial parsing, where crime is rationalized by skin tone. Take the other day when the president ran off a string of irrelevant statistics about the likelihood of black Americans being stopped or searched by cops. The reasoning here is...(Read Full Article)