Open Season on Cops

The police were ambushed again in Baton Rouge on Sunday, three dead and three seriously wounded. A dozen cops were ambushed in Dallas on 7 July, five of those died.

Police nationwide are literally in the crosshairs. Baton Rouge is just the latest killing field. What’s happening here?

Cops are often called many things, but for most folks they’re peace officers or lawmen. They are, indeed, the thin blue line between us and the worst among us.

Somehow that paradigm has been turned on its head. Punks, thugs, and religious cults are now portrayed as victims whilst cops have become the bad guys. Even the last Super Bowl featured a twerking, faux blond, rap mannequin attacking cops.

We might start with culture, the Beltway culture of racial parsing, where crime is rationalized by skin tone. Take the other day when the president ran off a string of irrelevant statistics about the likelihood of black Americans being stopped or searched by cops. The reasoning here is astounding! Are we to believe that fewer traffic stops in high crime favelas would mean fewer confrontations, fewer misdemeanors, or fewer felonies?

Mister Obama had nothing to say about the incidence of felony crime among his black brothers in high risk, self-segregated schools and ghettoes, the “hood” if you will. He failed to mention the abject sexism, violence, anti-Semitism, and racism in rap and hip-hop quarters. This is a street culture where “mothafucker” is the all-purpose epithet and “nigga” is the noun used to describe a black president at National Press Club galas.

The president also failed to mention that cops have confrontations in black neighborhoods because that’s where the crime is. If you are an elderly white in the wrong neighborhood, you might be the prey in a “polar bear hunt,” aka the knockout game.

Mister Obama also forgot to note that many urban traffic stops are made by black cops. The president failed to tell us how many traffic stops bag creeps with long rap sheets, if not active felony warrants.

A punk or thug with a criminal past is unlikely to be a model driver. Good cops know these things. Apparently the President of the United States does not. Mister Obama seldom uses crime statistics to illuminate social pathologies among his robotic constituents, the good citizens of Chicago or, better still the District of Columbia.

The president’s children go to pricey white private schools in pricey white neighborhoods. Mister Obama is not schooling his kids in the crime ridden, largely black, DC public school system. Daughters Malia and Sasha will not be attending the University of the District of Columbia or Howard University either.

When it comes to personal preferences and family associations, the president favors his mother, the white side of Americana. You would think that some feminist would remind wife Michelle that the personal is political.

The presumption that there are excuses or immunities to be found in melanin is absurd. Most folks, black or white, are mutts; including the family in the White House.

Rather than expanding the racial divide with nonsense numbers about cop stops, you might think that Obama would use the bully pulpit to condemn the hate-cop movements like Black Lives Matter. It’s no surprise that Micah Johnson was gunning for “white” cops at the Dallas BLM hate rally.

Dallas police came to protect an anti-cop street demonstration and in doing so provided a target. A dozen cops were shot. At least one NPR commentator, also black, celebrated the Texas shooter as a “martyr.” Martyr rhetoric in now the coda for all terrorists.

BLM shills and media sympathizers would have America believe that social riot, arson, and crime is a function of police, not punk, behavior. So let us, for the umpteenth time, review some real world facts about black behavior in America for Mister Obama and his BLM hate hustlers.

  • As much as ninety-two percent of children fathered by black fathers are born out of wedlock and 82 percent of these end up on welfare. Numbers may vary from study to study, but they’re all bad.


  • Seventy-two percent of black children are raised by a single parent (the woman), up from 25 percent when the Moynihan report was written.


  • Half of black males who attend high school do not graduate. Albeit; tuition, transportation, and meals in public schools are still cost-free to black parents.


  • One in three black males will spend some time in prison in their life time. Black women are three times more likely than whites to be incarcerated.


  • Recidivism among black males is as high as 40 percent.


  • Even the Washington Post study of crime by race had to concede: “… a disproportionate amount of murders and other violent crimes are committed by black Americans.”


  • In many cities, New York for example, black women abort more babies than they bring to term. A woman of color is five times more likely to have an abortion as her white counterpart.


  • Black unemployment rates are twice those of whites. The District of Columbia has the highest black unemployment rate in the country. The unemployment rate for illegals is lower than that of blacks.


  • Black women earn two thirds of African Americans’ bachelor’s degrees and seventy percent of master’s degrees.


  • One of three black Americans in prison converts to Islam each year. The converts are not moderates by any stretch based on behavior and affiliation. Black men gravitate to the dark side of the Ummah; Salafists, Wahhabis, and Louis Farrakhan’s cult, the Nation of Islam. Hard to believe that black American men are suckered by religious cults where slavery thrives and women are treated worse than they are treated in American public housing.


  • The cop/perp violence dilemma now has an economic dimension too. Every incident creates a plaintiff lawyer’s feeding frenzy. Cities like Baltimore will cough up serious cash even before a grand jury sits. Cops accused in the Freddie Gray case have been exonerated to date, yet the city has already paid thrice with riot, arson, and a seven million dollar payday for lawyers and the criminal’s family. None of this augers well for citizen restraint. 

Black America seems to have entered a moral and cultural void with no exits. Withal, the bollixed black majority actually believes that Barack Hussein has done a good job.

Nevertheless, few if any of the pathologies in so-called minority communities have anything to do with white fright or cops. The bleeding hood in America is a self-inflicted wound. Too many blacks, especially males, have embraced the punk life and can’t find the exits.

The prevailing ethos is closer to the twisted martyr logic at Public Radio or in modern Islam. The jihadist and the militant black thug are not absolute bedfellows, but the two are getting closer, cultural wingmen on parallel tracks.

Neither seems to be capable of reflection or adult civic behavior. Both cling to historical injury, real or imagined, and each insists on cultural infancy, a dependent or victim’s status that denies dignity, respect, and opportunity. American racist punks and their Muslim counterparts are fond of blaming some “other,” often women, for their plight or condition. How many times do we need to hear the words bitch, “ho,” “motherfucka,” or “nigga” from the mouths of idiots who can’t spell an insult?

Values like personal responsibility are lost on losers who refuse to behave, learn, or grow up. A ghetto mentality is a tight space. Cultural clichés about black men have little to do with whites, bias, or cops. Behavior is always the acid test. BLM’s best investment for change or justice might be a mirror.

Sartre was probably correct: “Hell is other people.” Indeed! Culture is just another word for the company you keep, brother. If your crew or neighbors have a bad rep, you probably earned it. Truth isn’t biased by definition.

Alas, if the past is prologue, there will be no reflection or remorse in black America or at the White House this summer. Withal, lawmen and soldiers will still honor their duty. Cops are indeed the new centurions, all that stands between us and the abyss. Our prayers are with all those who serve and protect, all those men and women who go in harm’s way.

G. Murphy Donovan comes from a family of cops in the East Bronx. He writes about the politics of national insecurity.

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