Obamacare Is Failing from Behind

Leading from behind is a business concept where leaders steer their organizations much as shepherds guiding their flocks, from behind. It is contingent on a basic reality, “One can lead from behind only if one knows what lies ahead and what it will take to get there.” President Obama’s foreign policy style has been described as “leading from behind” particularly in the Middle East. Another view of Obama’s style: “A foreign policy of hesitation, delay and indecision.” One look at the current Middle East shows how that is working out. Shifting from foreign to domestic affairs, how has the President’s leadership worked with Obamacare? Does Mr. Obama know what lies ahead and how to get there in the world of healthcare? Or have the past six years since passage of the Affordable Care Act been one of hesitation, delay and indecision? Has the President’s signature piece of legislation, bearing his name, been shepherded forward in...(Read Full Article)