How Comey Wrote Trump’s Acceptance Speech

American can’t be great again until its government becomes honest. When Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech in Cleveland as the Republican Nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America, he will repeat his campaign mantra, several times, saying how he will Make America Great Again.  Before the echo of his words have finished reverberating off the walls of the convention hall, Democrat pols, media pundits, and his distracters inside the Grand Ole Party, all sounding remarkably like Elizabeth Warren, will cynically challenge him for details concerning how he’ll do that – make America great.   How he answers can start with words hard to say, though they shouldn’t be.  Their voicing was made easier after our last Independence Day. On July 5, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation paved the way for the truth.  And that truth is that our government is thoroughly corrupted.  In his fifteen-minute...(Read Full Article)