Hillary’s Management Style: Insufferable Female Boss

Have you ever had a crazy boss who just happened to be a woman?   Someone who micromanages, lashes out uncontrollably, and is just simply unpleasant?  God forbid our country should be on the verge of getting such a boss.  Hillary Clinton is supposed to represent the proposition that women are indeed qualified for leadership every bit as much as men, and are just as logical and cool-headed.  Her little meme is that she offers “calm, steady leadership.”  It is ironic, then, that Hillary is not exactly a calm person to deal with.   There are many examples of Hillary Clinton’s erratic behavior as First Lady, such as throwing large items at Bill Clinton’s face, and not allowing Secret Service to look her in the eye.  Also, there is the now famous greeting of the Secret Service officer: “Good morning Ma’am.”  “Fuck off,” replied Hillary.  You could never picture Donald Trump this...(Read Full Article)