Hillary’s Management Style: Insufferable Female Boss

Have you ever had a crazy boss who just happened to be a woman?   Someone who micromanages, lashes out uncontrollably, and is just simply unpleasant?  God forbid our country should be on the verge of getting such a boss.  Hillary Clinton is supposed to represent the proposition that women are indeed qualified for leadership every bit as much as men, and are just as logical and cool-headed.  Her little meme is that she offers “calm, steady leadership.”  It is ironic, then, that Hillary is not exactly a calm person to deal with.  

There are many examples of Hillary Clinton’s erratic behavior as First Lady, such as throwing large items at Bill Clinton’s face, and not allowing Secret Service to look her in the eye.  Also, there is the now famous greeting of the Secret Service officer: “Good morning Ma’am.”  “Fuck off,” replied Hillary.  You could never picture Donald Trump this unhinged, whom we are supposed to now regard as “dangerous.”  And Bill Clinton is reputed to have been perfectly amiable with Secret Service and other workers.  But let’s focus on Hillary’s more recent career.  These examples are culled from Edward Klein’s Unlikable.  The thesis is that Hillary has a congenital unlikable quality, which cannot be fixed. 

Micromanaging:  According to a Foreign Service officer who served while Clinton was Secretary of State, “It soon became apparent that Hillary’s people were going to turn the place upside down and try to micromanage everything to save Hillary’s ass.”  If you worked in the State Department under Hillary, you weren’t allowed to do your job, your input was not sought, and you were not respected as a professional.  That might sound familiar to anyone who has had a boss of this variety.   Instead of having a leader focused on the big picture, they’re breathing down your neck, neurotically second guessing every step you take.  And indeed, Clinton had no imprint on the big picture during her stint at the State Department.

To be fair, the White House didn’t really let her make substantive decisions as Secretary of State.  Apparently she was only appointed in the spirit of “keep your enemies closer.”  The White House itself was in effect managed by women too, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor; and yes, Michelle Obama, who has stuck her nose into matters well outside the purview of the First Lady, a tradition started by Hillary herself.  Jarrett is seen by many as the real power behind the presidential throne.   And Michelle and Jarrett do not like Hillary.  Michelle pursued her catty vendetta against Hillary throughout; so behind the curtain, there was basically an epic catfight brewing in the federal government from 2008-2012.  

Hubris and Arrogance: Hillary threw her weight around in an unseemly manner at the State Department.  One staffer described her as acting like, “the boss of bosses, trying to intimidate everyone in sight,” which stood in opposition to pervious Secretaries of State, who “show a decent respect for the opinion of the permanent bureaucracy and ask for help to find their way around.”  Women sometimes go overboard trying to assert their authority, and in doing so create a tense vibe.  

Incidentally, Chelsea Clinton is also a handful: “Chelsea was her mother’s daughter in a number of ways.  Like Hillary, she had a hair-trigger temper and flew into a rage at the slightest provocation.  A taste of power only seemed to whet her appetite.”   Chelsea is “as volatile as her mom,” and would frequently engage in screaming matches with her parents.  With Chelsea you have this odd sense of entitlement, as evidenced by her domineering manner at the Clinton Foundation; and she certainly hasn’t paid her dues.  Working under Chelsea sounds thoroughly unpleasant.  So both mother and daughter have inadequate control of their emotions, although they can usually conceal their true nature from the public.

One of the many reasons that the MSM is hysterical about Trump is that he is unapologetically male.  This means that he is direct and to the point, yet he has a sense of humor to smooth out the edges.  Hillary cannot smooth out her rough edges as a boss.  Hence there is no respite from a tense work environment, which Clinton surely created as both First Lady and Secretary of State. 

Trump is not putting on a “mask” for the public; whereas Hillary literally received likability lessons from Steven Spielberg.  Ultimately these lessons failed.  Trump has no problem calling attention to the special brand of crazy associated with Hillary.  He even called her out on her annoying voice, though the media has inculcated us with this belief that “shrill” is a seriously offensive word.

Not all females have this type of neurotic behavior.  But it needs to be said, and even some women will admit: there is a certain type of compulsive, overbearing boss that is unique to the female gender. Hillary certain has these qualities, and therefore it is fair to say that if she were elected, the entire country would become a hostile work environment.

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