Hillary's Absurdism

Hillary can’t find inherent meaning in her campaign for president. This is evidenced by her continual makeovers and attempts to fool the public; by her futile attempts for a campaign slogan that will stick; and her dissonance between change and continuity. Her main rationale is based on self-entitlement, that it’s her turn and time for a female president. Such a hollow foundation inevitably crumbles into the abyss of absurdism. In philosophy, absurdism describes the conflict between our instinctual search for meaning in life, and our frequent inability to find it. In American presidential politics, “the absurd” is the conflict between Hillary’s Sisyphean efforts to find a meaning for her candidacy, and her inability to find it. Her philandering husband, pointing that “I want you to listen to me” crooked finger at his DNC audience, preposterously proposed she’s an agent of change. Actually, she’s more a political chameleon,...(Read Full Article)