FBI Resignations: Where Are They?

Roughly 150 FBI agents were assigned to the Hillary Clinton email case.  It was a criminal investigation to determine if the Secretary of State violated any laws when she a) installed an unauthorized email server in her home, b) conducted State business on that server, c) sent and received classified information on that server, and d) stored classified information on that server.  If it was determined that any of the above were crimes, then a criminal indictment would apply. Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey, announced that no charges would be sought. Where are the FBI agent resignations? I don’t ask this because this is a politically charged event where I can score points.  Others are doing that and they don’t need my help.  I ask because I am passing judgment on the agents who saw a crime, are now associated with the cover-up, and are now doing nothing. I can pass this judgment because I once faced a similar decision. After fourteen...(Read Full Article)