America’s Actual Biggest Lawbreaker

Americans who acknowledge the Constitution as our supreme law -- indeed, the fundamental and paramount law governing government itself -- are entirely justified in saying that government is the biggest and most frequent lawbreaker in our society -- with no close second. Liberals who instinctively rely on big-government overreach for much of their agenda, and some conservatives perhaps hewed by political correctness and their own adherence to big government, may not agree. However, when adding up the number of daily constitutional and statutory violations by government at all levels, including those that never get to court for various reasons, no entity compares to government in committing illegal acts. Recent clashing judicial opinions between conservative Justice Clarence Thomas and liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor in a case involving the Fourth Amendment and the controversial “exclusionary rule” help illustrate the point. In Utah v. Strieff Justice Thomas wrote...(Read Full Article)