A 52 Pickup of Victim Cards

Norma Patricia Esparza, a Hispanic psychology professor who has been a cause célèbre in feminist circles, was finally sentenced to six years in prison earlier this month for her involvement in the April 1995 murder of Gonzalo Ramirez. The 24-year-old construction worker was abducted by several people in a white van after they rear ended him.  The next day his body was found in Irvine, California. He had been hacked to death with a meat cleaver.  Esparza was one of five people implicated in the brutal murder. She pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.  The murder was revenge for the alleged rape of Esparza, then a 20-year-old student at Pomona College.  The comments to news stories on this sentencing seem to find some common ground between left and right, with each side upset for different reasons that Esparza is now a convicted felon.  The feminists are angry because they see this as punishing a rape victim who was too ashamed to...(Read Full Article)