Four Lessons about the Nice Attack

Secretary of State John Kerry once again, this past Sunday, demonstrated his profound lack of understanding of the Islamist mindset by saying on CNN that ISIS “is on the run” in Iraq and Syria, and that the attacks in Nice “show that ISIL is acting as though they have a noose around their neck”. And of course, the killing of over 84 people and the wounding of 200 others by this latest act of jihadist terrorism is being accompanied by the usual bromides of how “this was just an act of lone wolf terrorism, and therefore cannot be attributed to ISIS or Al Qaeda.” And finally, most of the liberals of the Western media will try to psychoanalyze the terrorist, and talk about either his societal-inflicted wounds or how he was a lone, deranged psychopath with absolutely no connection to a terrorist organization. All of these palliatives display a total miscomprehension of the true nature of the war that the radical Islamist is waging against...(Read Full Article)