Trump, Sanders and the End of Irony

World War I was probably the most important event of the 20th century for many well-known geopolitical, military, and social reasons but it also had a profound psychological impact as well, which strongly resonates, particularly in the West. It was World War I that introduced what many call the age of irony. Western democracies lurched towards an ironic worldview when the certainties of antebellum Europe were destroyed, but it took nearly a century, another world war and the Cold War for this attitude to finally dominate Western societies. And now it would seem, with the emergence of two very unironic candidates for President in America, this country, at least, is shifting back to a historical mean.  The emergence of the ironic age (meaning a worldview of where inauthenticity, dishonesty, and cynicism are accepted as the norm) was neither immediate nor smooth. The first Western nation to slip into the ironic bubble was Germany, reflected in the emergence of the DaDa...(Read Full Article)