The Six-Day Miracle 49 Years Ago

The six days between June 5th until June 10, 1967 are without parallel in the story of human warfare. These 6 days are also without parallel as far as modern day miracles are concerned as well. Prior to 1967, who had ever heard of a full-scale war measured in days? One which began at 07:45 Monday morning and was over dramatically on Saturday of the same week. This was a war in which one tiny country – Israel- faced five hostile Arab countries: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, with assistance from Iraq and Lebanon and with a combined military might of twice the number of soldiers, three times the amount of tanks and four times the amount of fighter aircraft. Egypt and Syria military forces were trained by leading Soviet military advisors and armed with the most sophisticated weaponry in the Soviet arsenal. This was a war when, even in the event of victory, some experts assessed the expected Israeli death toll to be as high as 100, 000 causalities, yet somehow it ended with less than 800...(Read Full Article)