On Brexit: Just Call Me Cassandra

On June 12, despite polls indicating the Brexit referendum was too close to call, I predicted it would pass. I concluded by observing, “One thing is clear -- both the EU officialdom and ours are wiser than voters only in their ability to feather their own nests, not in making us safer, richer, or happier. Many predict that if the UK exits Brexit, other European countries will follow.” That, too, seems to be the case. So you can imagine how much fun I had watching the BBC coverage the night (and early morning hours) of the vote tally. Unable to hide their shock and attributing the vote to many different reasons -- but largely persuaded that their countrymen who voted to leave were uneducated rubes -- the commentators revealed nothing so much as their cluelessness. To quote a tweet by Sharyl Attkisson “Media & politicians being so shocked about Brexit is like saying, ‘We really have no idea what we’re talking about when we give...(Read Full Article)