A physician's case for Trump

Here I am, an Indian immigrant, a physician, and a lifelong Democrat to boot, who sees no other choice than Trump this election cycle. I must confess that I have no emotional connection with Mr. Trump -- his public demeanor, braggadocio, and above all, the coarseness of his manner when he engages opponents are not what are familiar or soothing to eye or ear.  Yet, as a physician who has struggled through the last eight years of policies and regulations that have made my ability to take care of patients more and more difficult, Mr. Trump has taken on the form of an orange-tinged life preserver. I'll preface this by saying that I am a liberal who voted for the beautiful dreams of of the rhetorically gifted Barack Obama.  There were too many people who did not have insurance, and health care costs were absurdly out of control.  The silver-tongued promise of health insurance for all that would also be cheaper for all was the pipe...(Read Full Article)