Trump Supporters Need to be Held Accountable

Enough with the sore winners pity party already. I and many other columnists, commentators, and speakers have been accused of being a sore loser a few thousand times on this and other sites -- and for the sake of argument I'll admit those charges might have merit.  But keep in mind, a sore loser is one thing, but a sore winner is something else altogether. Consider: In his first American Thinker column (5/5/16) -- "The War on Trump Supporters Must Be Stopped" -- John Kudla closes with the passive aggressive sarcastic pout that  "clearly, I just do not understand because I am too low information, too foolish, too emotional, and too stupid. After all, I am just a hick." I do not know Mr. Kudla, nor have I read anything else from him. So all I can do is use his own words yesterday to indicate that indeed he does not understand the conservative opposition to Trump at all. Keep in mind that I am at least doing Kudla the...(Read Full Article)