Trump Should Abolish the Department of Education

As with many things, Donald Trump’s position on education policy is less than entirely clear. On the other hand, President Obama is not only intent on using the Department of Education to politically indoctrinate future generations, but as a tool to transform American social mores, morality, and values, most especially through recent directives requiring public schools receiving federal funds (which is all of them) to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom they desire at the moment. These federal directives, along with nearly identical moves requiring coverage for transsexual reassignment under the Affordable Care Act represent an opportunity for Trump.  Trump has an official position calling for repeal of ObamaCare (despite flirting with national healthcare at other points in his career) but not on education.  In the wake of Obama’s moves, he should officially call for the abolition of the Department of Education, which would reinforce his...(Read Full Article)