The True Story of a Conservative Refugee

Trigger Warning: This is a 100% true story.  No names have been changed to protect anyone.  You may be disturbed.  But I will not lie to you. On April 23, 2016, I declared my independence.  The towers of the university where I work reflected the orange glare of L.A.'s sunset.  It was Saturday, but I'd driven all the way to campus to do something, I realized, I should have done eight years ago.  The office was empty, as one would expect.  The security cameras probably captured becoming footage of my lone figure walking down the seventh floor hallway and throwing open the door to my private office. Then I climbed over the desk and let my arms dangle in the space between the desk and the wall.  Each of the connections was there.  I unplugged the power, the network cable, the printer cables, the Ethernet, and everything that allowed the world at large to stay connected to the computer in my office.  When all the connections...(Read Full Article)