Sometimes There's no Lesser of Two Evils

Supporters of Donald Trump are valiantly trying to replace #nevertrump with #getoverit. Many are chanting the mantra that not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. One wonders if the corollary is also true. Since I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, by their logic not voting for Hillary should be a vote for Trump, right? One wonders if this faulty logic is just an attempt to guilt the never-Trumpers into voting for him, or an attempt to lay the groundwork to blame those who cannot bring themselves to vote for, dare I say it, the mouth that roared, for a loss in November. True, a Clinton win would carry with it disastrous consequences for the nation, from Supreme Court picks to the setting in concrete of ObamaCare. But let us not concede for a minute that we should hold our nose and vote for Donald Trump just because he is allegedly the proverbial lesser of two evils. Hillary Clinton is certainly the devil we know. The problem is that Donald Trump is the devil...(Read Full Article)