Nuclear Terrorism is One Step Away

Western Civilization’s worst fear is nuclear terrorism in the form of bombs, dirty and otherwise, detonated in populated European, Russian, American or Israeli cities by Jihadi terrorists. The idea that Middle Eastern Arab terrorists like those of Al Qaeda and/or ISIS or rebel Chechens stealing or buying black-market radioactive material -- Uranium or Plutonium – with which to build bombs frightens the political leadership of the entire West, Russia and Israel. Books and movies about such scenarios fill our bookshelves and television programming and they are not pure fition. The Reuters News Agency on April 18 reported that the nation of Georgia has “detained six Georgian and Armenian citizens who were trying to sell $200 million worth of uranium-238.” That information alone is not enough. Since the second largest nuclear power, the Soviet Union, broke up in 1991, the West has been concerned about the Soviet nuclear arsenal and how it was...(Read Full Article)