Making a Relic of the Constitution

For the last 100 years our grand political debate has centered on the tension between the principles and mechanics of the Constitution and the ideals of the Progressive movement. Under FDR the Progressives became known as liberals, but the term ‘Progressivism’ has re-emerged under Hillary, who described herself as a Progressive Democrat in order to distinguish herself from the self-proclaimed socialist who has ‘trumped’ her party’s nomination process. The early Progressives sought changes necessitated by rapid economic growth and industrialization. They regulated food and drugs, interstate commerce, labor laws, and successfully sought to break up monopolies and trusts that they thought had gained too much economic and political power. Woodrow Wilson believed in a unified will of the voters, molded by strong leaders, and a professionally staffed administrative institution to manage government much as the new managerial class was running large...(Read Full Article)