Los Angeles: The Ninth Circle of Liberal Racism

"Show, don't tell," is what writing instructors always tell pupils.  So I will try to live by that ethos. Below are several emails that arrived in my inbox at CSU Northridge, which tell a revealing story. First, an email that went from Latino artist Harry Gamboa, Jr. to Rudy Acuña, a Chicano Studies professor at CSU Northridge (where I work). A writer for College Fix wrote a column about how several Latinos in California agreed with white veterans who had, in an earlier column in College Fix, stated their objections to a large mural in Jerome Richfield Hall.  Said mural was painted by Chicano students in 1999 and includes, among its various colorful images, a fang-toothed white border patrol agent clubbing a helpless Mexican man, totemic portraits of famous people who played legendary roles in founding the Department of Chicano Studies (turning, in essence, a hallway into a shrine for individuals working in that building), an upside-down...(Read Full Article)