Liberalism's Descent into Madness

One of the most fruitful observations about politics is that it flows downhill from culture, which launches a variety of speculations about how examining specific cultural products enables us better to understand current political developments. During a year dominated by flamboyant poseurs bombarding our fair land with catchphrases and sanity-challenged promises, it seems that the concept of “madness” has few competitors to guide us through this most unusual political jungle. After all, just what is one supposed to make of an unindicted felon, an infantile socialist, and a “high energy” master of non sequitur phrases and provocative policies, all competing for the highest office in the land? Isn’t this just a bit mad? Actually, it isn’t, at least not compared to other political events that reek of madness informed by totalitarian proclivities. Without doing a Clintonesque probing into the connotation of simple expressions, we still are compelled...(Read Full Article)