Jews confront Radical Evil

Ken Livingstone, the former Labour Party Mayor of London, is one of the most, perhaps the very most, nauseating figures in British politics. It is welcome news that he has been suspended from the party for his ongoing disgraceful and ignorant remarks about Jews and the State of Israel. However, inadvertently he raised the issue of Jews, the victims of the Holocaust, being blamed for their own victimization. A generation ago, a more serious figure, the political philosopher Hannah Arendt, in her controversial book Eichmann in Jerusalem, wrote unkindly about the Jewish Councils or Judenrat that were organized by Nazi Germany to enforce Nazi orders affecting Jews in occupied countries. Arendt’s notorious comment was that “wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders, and these leaders almost without exception cooperated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazis.” The great Jewish scholar, mentor and friend, Gershom Scholem rebuked...(Read Full Article)