Google Doodles: Redrawing American History

Doodle means to scribble absentmindedly.  But Google Doodles are intentional iconography that attempt to redraw America’s great history.  They elevate peripheral figures to iconic status and relegate religious holidays to amorphous greetings. Google (now under the Alphabet umbrella) leverages its ubiquitous platform to doodle about holidays, anniversaries and famous people.  Since about 26% of us are unsure from whom we got our independence; many believe that Karl Marx helped author the Constitution, and untold others cannot name our 3 major branches of government, they could provide a useful civic service. Instead, the insular techies are enmeshed in Silicon Valley’s progressive orthodoxy, choosing to superimpose today’s mores on yesteryear while ignoring  many heroic figures and religious holidays that weave together the grand tapestry of American history.  Contrary to their claims, Google Doodles more often celebrate obscure...(Read Full Article)