Get Over What about Trump, Exactly?

Now we're told at this early date to "get over it." We being those conservatives who aggressively opposed Donald Trump, of course. So what exactly should we get over? What does getting over it look like? Let’s explore.  This notion was floated by no less than my friend, colleague and editor of more than eight years, Thomas Lifson, on this site yesterday.  The same sentiment was parroted across the internet and on talk radio yesterday as well.  Much of it by people with far less interest in serious adult conversation than Lifson.  I say far less serious because I don't think a single pro Trump commenter to my article yesterday addressed the direct Trump quotes I presented.  Many of my comments below are directed at that mindset, not at Dr. Lifson’s.  And as Thomas knows, I both praised and criticized Trump here in April...of American Thinker.  My position on Trump has been totally consistent for...(Read Full Article)