Get a Clue, Navel Gazers. It’s Thermidor Time

I tell you what the problem is. The world has changed. All the old verities are going out of business, marked down for quick sale. And everyone is stumbling around, gazing at the price tags, and their navels, in shock. It is like all the traditional mom-and-pop shops in Zola’s novel The Paradise about the French inventing the department store, now a TV series on Netflix. The new department store is stealing their customers, literally seducing the ladies with unimaginable piles of gorgeous silk and knick-knacks at insane prices. And the old store-owners are stumbling around in a daze, unwilling, unable the grasp the utter ruin of their world. Just like all the conservative pundits. Here’s Jay Cost pushing a rerun of 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt blew up the Republican Party. Because today’s GOP is corrupt and needs a spring-cleaning. Not really, Jay. The GOP establishment is really a bunch of decent guys. But the GOP voters don’t want decent. They want...(Read Full Article)