Barack Obama is Lucky to be Black

I knew immediately that he was a fraud the first time I watched Barack Obama. Most people know a guy who looks good on paper, but who is really an empty suit, working an angle. Obama worked the angle. Obama parlayed his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention into an amazing career. He took faking to an entirely different level, when he decided to run for president after admitting he was not qualified. Why let that stop him? Obama represented a confluence of an "acceptable" black president with the Left’s desire for reparations. With a hint of Muslim in his identity with that exotic name, he had the recipe for total success, delaying Hillary Clinton's political aspirations, if not permanently dismantling them. Despite my complete disdain for Obama's policies and knowing that he would be as useless as a pocket on the back of a shirt, there was a small part of me that hoped he would not be a total failure, since he would be...(Read Full Article)