Barack Obama is Lucky to be Black

I knew immediately that he was a fraud the first time I watched Barack Obama. Most people know a guy who looks good on paper, but who is really an empty suit, working an angle. Obama worked the angle.

Obama parlayed his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention into an amazing career. He took faking to an entirely different level, when he decided to run for president after admitting he was not qualified. Why let that stop him?

Obama represented a confluence of an "acceptable" black president with the Left’s desire for reparations. With a hint of Muslim in his identity with that exotic name, he had the recipe for total success, delaying Hillary Clinton's political aspirations, if not permanently dismantling them.

Despite my complete disdain for Obama's policies and knowing that he would be as useless as a pocket on the back of a shirt, there was a small part of me that hoped he would not be a total failure, since he would be considered a "first." We blacks have it in our DNA to cheer for the firsts. The first black heavyweight champ, tennis great, golf great, baseball great, and so on. Each of these firsts represents a piece of our proud legacy of overcoming against all odds.

Nevertheless, cheering for Obama would prove to be difficult, since we disagree so vehemently. I could not support his policies, as a man who has had disdain for America cannot be my friend or leader. However I could support what Obama might represent as a first.

Despite knowing Obama would be a fiscal disaster and antithetical to everything America stands for, I theorized that black liberals would be empowered by Obama for two reasons.  First, I thought they might say, "Finally, a black president, so we can move on from using race as an excuse."  I believed, as did many Americans of all colors, that the election of Obama would erase all the excuses and blacks would revert back to the time when we demanded success, excellence, education, morality, and so on from ourselves as the necessary ingredient of personal advancement.

But if black liberals didn't adopt this view, I believed that Obama would not allow excuses, given his background. He would dismiss the notion that America had failed blacks, not allowing people to fall back on poverty, single-parenthood, and the host of other excuses used by black liberals for their lack of success, and dependency on government.

Neither has occurred.

Obama is the divisive excuse maker, as his comments to graduates of Howard University showcased:

“Be confident in your blackness” Obama said in the speech, adding, “That’s a pet peeve of mine, people who’ve been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky, that God may have blessed them. It wasn’t nothing you did.”

I have major issues in Obama's comments, surely to be overlooked by black liberals, the media, and white Leftist enablers.

To begin, what would the media and other leftists say if George Bush told graduates to "be confident in your whiteness"? I will allow you to ponder that; as for me, no further explanation needed.

In his commencement speech, Obama may have felt the need to remind blacks to be confident, because liberals like reminding blacks that we are less than everybody else. Blacks are taught terms like "institutional racism," "white privilege," and many other concepts that essentially say to young blacks that the deck is stacked against them. Black liberals have built-in excuses for failure. The irony of institutional racism is that almost all of the institutional racism originates from bastions of the left; in education, entertainment, and unions, to name a few.

But the next part of the Obama message was most perplexing: "it wasn't nothing you did" to be successful in life, it was luck.

It seems that Obama is saying that your success is not because of you, your hard work, tenacity, determination, drive, focus, and the many other attributes needed for success. Obama implied that the Howard grads were just lucky.

Of course, there is an element of luck in everything, and there is a saying, "It's always better to be lucky than good." But it's good to be good. 

Obama provided a glimpse into this own views of his success, as he feels very lucky to be where he is. He must know that he was not prepared to be president, and that his performance has been dismal. Any credit that Obama gets as president is because of luck. The luck that the media is leftist, and therefore willing to accept failure of a black man, simply because he's black and a Democrat. Imagine the history of Obama, if he were a white Republican and you will get the picture.

Obama is lucky that black people have not burned down Washington. Because if Obama were "lucky" enough to be a white Republican president, he would be the most despised president by blacks in modern history.

In a time where Obama and other Leftists talk of white privilege, the luckiest man on the planet is Barack Obama, lucky to be considered black, in a world that now despises white.

Barack Obama could have indeed transcended race and built on the amazing racial strides America has made in the past few decades. He squandered those gains, setting America back into the 1960's. Obama failed an entire generation of blacks, and that is the sad part of his failed legacy.

Kevin Jackson is a FOX News Contributor and syndicated radio host.

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