An objective 'Palestinian Museum'? Nice try.

High among the corrupted currents in the world of international affairs is the myth of a Palestinian history of unilateral suffering.  The fallacious Palestinian Narrative of Victimhood may hold the gold standard in spinning about the story of the long past of Palestinians living in the Middle East. Paradoxically, the absence of historical substance was unintentionally symbolized in the opening on May 18, 2016 of the Palestinian Museum, with nothing in it to display.  Built on the outskirt of Birzeit University on the West Bank at a reported cost of $24 million, and employing 40 people, the plan of the museum was to display an exhibit called "Never Part."  This, intended to concentrate on the lives and personal objects such as mugs, combs, and plants of Palestinian refugees, was suspended as a result of disagreements among the members of the Board of the museum.  Though the nature of the disagreement was not stated, it almost certainly focused on the...(Read Full Article)