An Epiphany on the Road to Tehran

The internet was abuzz following a story by David Samuels on the jerk who admitted he manipulated the truth to get the president’s absurd deal with Iran accepted (accepted, that is, by the Democrats in Congress who blocked a Republican resolution to reject it). In case you missed it I’ll provide a quick summary of the salient parts, but that shouldn’t be the end of the story: the press having allowed itself to be flimflammed into being mere White House megaphones  needs to redeem itself, should it care to win back even the tiniest shred of credibility. It probably won’t, but I have a suggestion where to begin untangling the web of those in the media and foundation world who were played and, in turn, played their fellow citizens. A. The David Samuels’ Report. In the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Samuels details how Ben Rhodes, a script writer, author of the Beloit Journal fiction piece titled “The Goldfish...(Read Full Article)