Voting Cruz: War on Religious Liberty Affects Every American

Some voters think, “I am not religious. So, who cares if Ted Cruz has promised to defend our religious liberty starting day one as president? I am fed up and want a president who will kick butt and make deals in favor of America for a change.” Well my friend, the Left's war on religious liberty, fueled by its hatred for Christianity, affects you whether you are religious or not. The Left is hellbent on destroying every moral precept that underpins a healthy society. For example: the Left aggressively seeks to end gender distinctions. Leftists say it is primitive and cruel for doctors to say “It’s a boy/girl” based on anatomy at birth. They say gender is what's between one's ears rather than what's between one's legs. So all you proud poppas wearing “It's a Boy!” t-shirts and handing out cigars are ignorant Neanderthals in our rapidly transforming new America. A Nebraska public school instructed teachers to stop...(Read Full Article)