The Troubling Prosecution of Dennis Hastert

I don't like Dennis Hastert.  During his tenure as Speaker of the House, my attitude toward him was, more or less, "Meh."  Hastert is undoubtedly the pervert and sexual predator he is accused of being – he admitted so in court.  In all probability, he got exactly what he deserved when he was sentenced to prison Wednesday. That being said, I am troubled by the way Hastert was prosecuted.  It seems to me that the government targeted Hastert because he was a prominent politician and, in so doing, threw the constitutional rights of criminal defendants out the window. Hastert was accused of numerous incidents of homosexual contact with teenage boys over forty years ago, when he was a high school wrestling coach in Illinois.  Hastert was never charged with those alleged crimes, because the statute of limitations for prosecuting him expired. Hastert was instead indicted for violating federal banking law when he tried to pay one...(Read Full Article)