The Tesla 3: A Marketing Success Story

Tesla Motors recently announced the projected late 2017 availability of their new Tesla Model 3 all-electric car. For the four or so people remaining in the United States who don’t know about this vehicle, the Tesla 3 is an affordably-priced electric car (less than $35,000, before Federal and State rebates for “zero emission” vehicles) with superlative performance, great safety features and outstanding crash-resistance, and perhaps most importantly, exotic Italian-sports car looks. The lure of an all-electric car is undeniable -- no CO2 emissions, freedom from dependence on environmentally “dirty” fossil fuels, the convenience of charging up at home overnight, as easily as your cell phone. No more searching around for a gas station in unfamiliar areas, no time wasted on late mornings having to stop for gas, no more aggravation when the morning posted price of $2.29 9 becomes -- inexplicably, frustratingly -- that afternoon’s ride home price...(Read Full Article)