The GOP’s Missing Motivation

It has been claimed by others that no matter who wins the Republican nomination in 2016, the GOP will never be the same (see also here). This is likely true. How can the party go back to stuffy old white men who are out of touch with the modern American voter? Furthermore, if this proves true, I argue it is a good thing. The Republican Party has been in a political and ideological rut and there has not been a distinguishable leader of the party since Ronald Reagan left office. To illustrate, here’s an intellectual exercise: who is the current leader of the Republican Party? If you have to think hard about it then you’ve proven the point. The biggest problem -- among a myriad of problems -- with the party is its lack of a strong and coherent ideology. Ideology is not a bad thing. In fact, it is necessary for a political party to have -- not only to survive, but to grow, compete, and to dominate in the realm of politics. Ideology serves as both a political foundation and...(Read Full Article)