Stand Up to Left-wing Activist Bullies

Remember Robert Fulghum's phenomenal #1 NYT bestseller, All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? Well, all I needed to know about bullies, I learned in junior high school watching Larry and Butterball at the school bus stop. We Pumphrey, Maryland black students were bused to the mostly white, recently integrated Brooklyn Park Jr/Sr High School in Linthicum, Maryland. Larry was a gentle giant fat kid. Butterball was a shorter and thinner jerk. Butterball bullied Larry every morning as we waited for the school bus, slapping and punching Larry for fun. I asked Larry why he never hit Butterball back. Larry said he was afraid that Butterball would get angry and beat him up. I said, “Larry, he is beating you up every day!” Folks, I feel the exact same frustration with how we conservatives are told we must respond to Leftist activist bullies. Patriots are told that we dare not express any disagreement or shine-a-light-on Leftist activists' daily...(Read Full Article)