Passover and the Palestinians

A people liberated from slavery. No wonder Passover is a time when advocates for a State of Palestine feel drawn to play a modern day Moses. Let the people go! Passover, many think, comes around for a melodramatic appeal to the conscience of Israel. Have pity. Remember that your people were enslaved in Egypt and so howled in torment that it galvanized the Almighty into action. Hear oh Israel the cry of people in bondage under you. Let the Palestinians go. Let them make unto themselves a nation. Thus entreats a devotee of human rights, one of a great multitude that makes a good living from his devotion. Listen carefully to him. In what he says and in what he believes lie the fatal flaws of the type: the modern day Moses. Uri Zaki, one-time the US Director of an Israeli human rights outfit named B’Tselem (in the image of), thought he’d stir up American Jews with an impassioned Passover appeal. Let the Palestinians go free. What Zaki actually said was: “Israeli...(Read Full Article)