Oppressive Patriarchy: Letting Men Use Women's Bathrooms

Let's face it: few men would get upset if a woman walked into the men's bathroom. After all, women really can't rape men – they're usually too small/weak to hurt us, and at least some men would think a strange, ugly woman wanting to stare at them was a compliment. On the other hand, men do rape women, men are often big enough to hurt women, and few women want to be ogled in the bathroom by some pervert. For men, letting a woman who thinks science is wrong and that she's a man into the men's room is not that big of a deal, but letting a man who simply claims he feels he's a woman into women's bathrooms is dramatically increasing the danger in women's lives.  No real feminist would support that. Further, simply ignoring the ancient beliefs of women that strange men shouldn't get to see them naked is something no real feminist would do.  After all, aren't feminists all about women's right to privacy? Hence,...(Read Full Article)