Nationalism versus Federalism

The presidential campaign so far seems filled with nationalistic appeals, which is dangerous for America.  In some places around the world, the difference between nationalism and patriotism may be blurred, but in our country, nationalism is the very antithesis of patriotism. Nationalism is inherently centralizing, and it is the first step toward totalitarianism.  The most significant change in German government after the Nazis took power was the destruction of the power of the states of Germany.  Bad nations invariably begin with the consolidation of all practical power in nationalism rather than limited central power.  The greatest single achievement of America was that the sovereign states were persuaded to allow in the Constitution very limited powers to a national government, while states retained the vast preponderance of government power.  The Tenth Amendment put an exclamation point on that fact and the Eleventh Amendment was intended to make...(Read Full Article)