Hillary’s Fingerprints on Selection of Aides’ Lawyer

The news that Hillary Clinton’s closest aides have retained well-connected D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson to represent them in their boss’ email scandal is bad news for those that held out some hope that justice would be done in the case. Instead, their joint hiring of Wilkinson, without objection from the Justice Department, strongly suggests that that Attorney General Loretta Lynch has no intention of pursuing charges against any of them, much less Hillary. The timing and terms of Wilkinson’s hiring have Clinton’s fingerprints all over them, demonstrating once again that when it comes to corruption and pulling strings to escape the consequences, nobody tops the Clintons.  When reports emerged several weeks ago that Justice had given former Clinton IT aide Brian Pagliano some type of immunity in return for his testimony a number of experienced commentators speculated that a grand jury had been seated in the case. I was more skeptical that things had gone...(Read Full Article)