Harvard 'Experts': Islamophobia Everywhere!

Dictatorships have an interest in magnifying minor problems in liberal democracies in order to divert attention from their own oppression and brutality.  One wonders if this interest played a role in facilitating a recent panel titled "Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the US: Challenges and Perspectives."  The panel was sponsored by Harvard University's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program (AISP), whose eponymous founder is an influential member of the Wahhabi Saudi regime.  As every panelist was either a current or future Harvard alumnus, the event provided evidence of some disturbing trends in elite higher education today. The discussion was held on a cold, rainy Monday evening in the Tsai Auditorium, which serves Harvard's Center for Government and International Studies, before an audience of about eighty, including a representative from the university's Office of the President. Moderator and AISP director Ali Asani, a Harvard Ph.D.,...(Read Full Article)