Embrace the Chaos, Excuse the Dust

Today, the surest way to establish your respectability bona fides is to denounce this season’s Republican primary process. Better still, if you have children, claim you will not even let them watch the debates. The respective campaigns are vulgar, crass, sleazy, and dishonest, not to mention, of course, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic. “Every meeting I have, everywhere, people are asking what is happening with the United States, ‘What are you doing to yourselves?’” Secretary of State John Kerry told MSNBC on Tuesday. “I'm getting questions constantly from foreign leaders about some of the wackier suggestions that are being made,” echoed President Barack Obama. “I have to emphasize that it's not just Trump's proposals. You are also hearing concerns about Cruz's proposals.” The operative word about the primaries among the naysayers is one that Kerry uses frequently,...(Read Full Article)