Elect Donald Trump, and You Elect the Problem

The majority of Americans are furious at the government because the government serves itself, not the people.

Politicians do the will of their big donors – the donor class – not what the voters want.  Unelected "civil servants" rule over the people by arbitrarily defining rules that conform to the liberal agenda – such as forcing nuns to support abortion.

Strangely, Trump supporters think the solution to this problem is to elect a member of the very donor class that has disenfranchised average Americans.

Trump trumpets his history of buying politicians to do what was good for Trump, not for the voters.  Similarly, Trump is unapologetic about using the full force of the government to subject a widow to five years of legal hell in order to stay in her own home.

The reality is that Trump is not the solution to the problem.  He is the problem.

Given that Trump has always used government to his own benefit, why should we think that he's suddenly going to change if he becomes president?

Is it because he's calling for a wall?  Given that he has stated recently that pretty much everyone who has snuck into America would be let back in through that wall, it's unclear what good it would do.  Further, we know from Trump's history that he has no problem with illegals and H-2B visa holders working on his projects, instead of Americans, because it saves him money.

Is it because he's so rich that he doesn't lust after even more?  Anyone who listens to Trump knows that Trump is never happy with what he's got.  Further, many members of the donor class have even more money than Trump, and they haven't stopped buying politicians for their own gain.

Is it because he likes and cares about us?  Well, he apparently liked his first two wives, but that didn't stop him from dumping them when it benefited Trump.  Should we honestly expect Trump to treat us better than he treated his own wives?

Is it because we think he can be trusted?  Well, the folks who lost their hard-earned wages because of his four bankruptcies, while he continued to live in luxury, trusted him, and it didn't work well for them.  It wasn't just the rich whom Trump ripped off; regular folks such as retirees and small contractors were left unpaid.

Is it because he's such a great businessman?  Well, four bankruptcies and his unwillingness to release his tax returns indicate that perhaps his self-created image of business wizardry is about as real as the quality of Trump University.  Trump started out with at least a $40,000,000 inheritance, and if he'd just invested that in stock market index funds, he'd be three times richer than he is now.  Other businessmen like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have grown their fortunes much faster than the stock market.

Is it because he's supposedly pro-life?  Given that he's just said that the Republican Party should endorse abortion, it's unclear why anyone would think that Trump is really pro-life.  Whenever he speaks off the cuff, his pro-abortion bias is clear.  Whether it's praising Planned Parenthood or saying his sister, who thinks that partial-birth abortion is wonderful, would make a great Supreme Court justice, it's clear that the new Trump is like the old Trump: a pro-abort at heart.

Is it because he supports American values?  Well, he just said that men should be able to use women's bathrooms, and his position on so-called gay marriage is inconsistent.  It's useful to note too that Trump basically criticized North Carolina for standing up for women's rights because it cost the state business.  That might be construed to indicate that Trump's ethics are based more on the bottom line than on a deeply held system of moral beliefs.

To an impartial observer, it would seem clear that Trump is running for president not to be a voice for the average American – whom he has consistently exploited for his own personal gain – but simply to reduce the cost of business by cutting out the middleman: the politicians he currently has to buy.

Let's be clear: if the choice is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump is the better choice.  Clinton wants to destroy the American defined by the Constitution, while Trump is just out for himself and as such would do less damage to America.

But today, we have a much better choice than the donor-class Trump: Ted Cruz.

While Trump has desperately tried to portray Cruz as an establishment figure, that's simply a lie.  Cruz has been hated by the Republican establishment since he hit the national scene.  While Cruz was fighting the establishment in Washington, Trump was donating money to Hillary Clinton and praising her work as secretary of state.

It was Cruz who pushed the government shutdown so hated by the establishment but which resulted in the Republicans winning the Senate.

Trent Lott and Bob Dole – the establishment incarnate – prefer Trump to Cruz, as does Jimmy Carter.

Can anyone seriously think that Trump isn't a dedicated member of the establishment, given that Bill and Hillary Clinton attended his wedding?

If you want to overthrow the establishment in D.C., you need to vote for a real outsider, Ted Cruz, not for a man who boasts about stealing the government for his own benefit by buying politicians.

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