Elect Donald Trump, and You Elect the Problem

The majority of Americans are furious at the government because the government serves itself, not the people. Politicians do the will of their big donors – the donor class – not what the voters want.  Unelected "civil servants" rule over the people by arbitrarily defining rules that conform to the liberal agenda – such as forcing nuns to support abortion. Strangely, Trump supporters think the solution to this problem is to elect a member of the very donor class that has disenfranchised average Americans. Trump trumpets his history of buying politicians to do what was good for Trump, not for the voters.  Similarly, Trump is unapologetic about using the full force of the government to subject a widow to five years of legal hell in order to stay in her own home. The reality is that Trump is not the solution to the problem.  He is the problem. Given that Trump has always used government to his own benefit, why should we think that...(Read Full Article)