Awake, British Students!

What a sad coincidence that on the very week that the story of Passover, the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery and evil, is celebrated, particularly disturbing events occurred in a meeting of leaders of student bodies in Britain. The British National Union of Students (NUS) has a membership of 7 million – 2.5 million in higher education and 4.5 million in further education.  The NUS Conference, the chief policymaking body of the NUS, held its meeting in Brighton, England on April 20, 2016.  Brighton is a charming seaside resort, but the sun did not shine on the Conference, where events that can only been seen as eruptions of anti-Semitism occurred. One event concerned a proposed motion that the NUS commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, at which a number of students applauded arguments that this should not be done. The feeble excuse for this outburst was that a motion to commemorate the Holocaust was not inclusive enough, since it did not mention...(Read Full Article)