America’s Addiction to Pleasure Harms Marriage and Family

Every once in a while a little ditty from an old Robert Palmer song begins rumbling though my head: "...might as well face it you’re addicted to love". As an attorney who has dabbled in family law, and a former prosecutor, it often strikes me that this ditty doesn’t apply to a substantial chunk of people in the U.S. In fact, America as a nation doesn’t seem all that enamored with the idea of love anymore -- at least not the highest form of love, that which sustains marriage and families. For those who might think otherwise, I’d suggest they look at the latest numbers regarding marriage and family. Both institutions remain in serious decline: The percentage of married households in the U.S. has now dipped to an all-time low. (2010 was the first year in our history that fewer than half of all households were married households.)  And the rate of newly formed marriages has hovered near its all-time low for several years. America...(Read Full Article)