2016, the year of idealism, nihilism and obliviousness

Watching Donald Trump with the media I am reminded of the time my mother took me to a St Paul City Council meeting for an informal lesson in civics. The meeting was incredibly boring and exceedingly civil. Except, that is, for one obviously staged 45-second exchange of insults between the mayor and an ambitious Democrat councilwoman. Funny how the local TV news cameras came on five seconds before the verbal fireworks began. It was as if the media had been cued in as to exactly when the spat was to take place. As my mother pointed out, that staged war of words gave the media a story for that night's newscasts while reinforcing each politician's image with the base, but it meant nothing in the course of running the city. Trump's beat-downs of the press are equally staged.  Trump needs the free airtime and the media need the ratings his outrageous talk brings them. What his supporters see as Trump "sticking it to the liberal press" by being rude and...(Read Full Article)